Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Aghosh Program Registration Through NSER Survey

Aghosh Program

The government of Pakistan has launched the Aghosh program for poor women, which will provide meaningful assistance to pregnant women and free treatment. The program aims to create healthy children in Pakistan. According to a recent survey, there are now problems of malnutrition among children in Pakistan.

Because of the abnormal babies being born, the government has decided to give financial assistance to pregnant women so that they can consume good food during pregnancy. Therefore, they are also given money for food and financial assistance of two thousand rupees each. When a child is born, money is also given to him so that the cost of milk can be paid and a healthy child can be born.

If the child is a girl, Rs 2,000 is given, and in the case of a boy, Rs 1,500 is given per month. This financial assistance is given for two years, after which when another child is born, it is also given to him. Here, we will tell you how to register for this program, get financial aid, get your checkup done, and get a card under the Aghosh program so that you can get free medicines later.

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Aghosh Program Registration

Aghosh program registration has been announced. For pregnant women who want financial assistance, this is a golden opportunity to register and apply for financial assistance. For this, they will get many benefits, like free check-ups. Medicines will be given to them free of cost; apart from this, they will also be given two thousand rupees monthly.

When their child is born, they will also be given financial assistance from 1500 to 2000 rupees. It is also being said that for the first time, pregnant women will be given financial assistance of 36 thousand rupees to take care of themselves, the children will be born correctly, and diseases will not arise in them.

For its registration, first of all, you have to go to the Aghosh program office and register there. You will be checked up during registration, but you don’t need to worry because all the staff there will be women, so don’t worry.

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Aghosh Program Registration Through NSER Survey

Aghosh Program Registration Through NSER Survey

The Aghosh program office is not present in all districts or tehsils of Pakistan, so the government has decided that registration for the Aghosh program will be done through the Benazir Income Support Program office.

This registration will be through an NSER survey, so go to your nearest Non-Bizhar Income Support Program office and get your NSER survey done there. This survey will collect complete information about you, your household affairs, and your financial information.

After collecting all this information, they will conduct a medical examination and register you in the Aghosh program. After registration, you will also be given a card through which you will be paid every month, checked up for free, and given medicines for free.

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