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Benazir Widow Program Registration Procedure Through NADRA And NSER 2024

Benazir Widow Program

Benazir Income Support Program has been providing financial assistance to poor people in Pakistan for many years. This program covers many sections of society, the poor people also benefit through this program, and the elderly are also given financial assistance through this program. The cost problem has been completely eliminated.

This program also provides a savings scheme to the people through which they are given profit. Now another program called the Benazir Widow Program has been launched by the Benazir Income Support Program.

Widows will be included in this program and they will be given financial assistance every month. Its registration has been announced so those women who are widows should ensure their registration as soon as possible so that they are also given financial assistance and can live their lives easily in the difficult conditions of the society.

Benazir Widow Program Registration Through NADRA

You can now register for the Benazir widow program through Nadra. Here we will tell you why it is important to register through NADRA. Registration through NADRA is necessary because NADRA has the record of your husband. You will not be considered a widow until your husband’s death certificate is filed in the NADRA records.

So first get your husband’s death certificate, to get this certificate you have to go to the nearest union council and get the death certificate there. After making the death certificate, it has to be submitted to NADRA, they will update your record and enroll you in the Benazir widow program, after which you will be given financial assistance every month.

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Benazir Widow Program Registration Procedure Through NADRA And NSER 2024

Required Documents For Registration

To register in the Benazir Widow Women program, you need a few documents, these documents are as follows:

  • Your ID Card
  • Your Husbands CNIC
  • Mobile Number
  • Husband Death Certificate

Registration Through NSER

After submitting the death certificate to NADRA, you can get yourself registered from the Benazir Income Support Program office. For this, you will have to get your NSER survey done. During this survey, all the information about you will be taken at the Benazir Income Support Program office. During this information, you have to tell the representative that you are a widow and there is no one earning at home so you need financial assistance.

All this information will decide whether you qualify or not. So give information that will show you are needy. After submitting all this information, your information will be checked and then a decision will be made whether to grant the grant or not. If you are found needy during their verification, they will send an SMS to your mobile number through 8171 that you are eligible under the Benazir Income Support Program and you can go and get your money.

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How To Check Benazir Program Money?

If after registration you don’t receive the confirmation message and you are worried whether you are eligible or not eligible or whether you have received your money or not then you need not worry. We will tell you how you can check your eligibility and the amount.

The procedure is very easy, you just have to follow a few steps and you can check your money and eligibility at home. For this, you have to send your ID card to 8171. You will receive a message shortly with your eligibility and amount details.

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