Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Payment For All Married Women BISP New Scheme 2024

BISP New Scheme

Viewers, in 2024, a big step has been taken for the BISP New Scheme for the poor married people of Pakistan. Based on this, you will start getting a new money scheme. The aim of this scheme is to empower the married women of Pakistan and promote their financial inclusion and budgeting. 

This amount will now be given to them with an increase. Dr. Muhammad Amjad made this decision a few days ago. This decision has also been made in 11 districts of Pakistan, where different centers have also been established. So go to the center as soon as possible and complete your registration. Read this article for more details.

How To Check BISP Payment By CNIC Number

Good news for all poor, deserving, and married women of Pakistan. They will now receive money through their CNIC number at the BISP center and be able to check the money through their CNIC number. First, you have to re-register your CNIC number at the NADRA office.

The poor women who are not married and educated will stick their thumb there. They will give you a passport-size photo. After that, you will be presented with your CNIC number within three months. After that, you can check your BISP amount online at your home. 17 thousand rupees will be given in case of payment up.

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BISP Payment Check Online 2024

Viewers, Pakistan Chairman Dr. Muhammad Amjad has started the decision to pay the new amount. This amount will be given to you based on your status. Before that you should complete your registration. 

The procedure to complete the registration is if you live away from the BISB center then do your online registration. After that, you can check your payment via SMS to inline 8171. Inshallah, if you are not getting any information, please visit your nearest BSP center as soon as possible. You will be given all the details there.

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BISP Payment Information

On behalf of BISP, we are giving you the latest update that Dr.Muhammad Amjad has decided to pay you from February 15. After registering, you can get the money by going to your nearest center. Now, you will not even need to line up in the center. The money will be given to you. Apart from this, cold water will be arranged for you, and heaters will be installed for you.

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BISP Payment Tracking

Viewers, congratulations to all Pakistan’s poor, deserving, and married people. They will now receive a payment of 14 to 17 thousand rupees. You used to get this amount after the first three months. Now, you will be given it every month. 

You should also improve your children’s education because, with the increase, they will be given more money. You will also be given money based on the quality of your family members who have passed away. That’s why you prove yourself efficient in BISP tracking. Complete the registration.

BISP Payment Center

The government of 2024 has established centers for payment and registration at the tehsil district level in all the provinces of Pakistan. More than 20 educational centers have been established for poor people, and more than 100 centers have been established at the district level. 

Where you can review your registration eligibility and payment. I will also tell you about the timing in this article. What more things will be provided to you conveniently in this program? Keep reading this article in the best way.

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Eligibility Criteria For BISP New Scheme

  • Those with a monthly income of 20 thousand can be eligible for this program.
  • Whose poverty score is 25 percent
  • Poor people who do not have any government jobs
  • Those who have not traveled abroad
  • Whose land is only one acre
  • Whose houses are very rich
  • Who has a very serious problem with the water

Such persons are eligible for this program. They are assisted 117 thousand rupees every month.

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