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Government has launched an E-Passport Pakistan - All Information

E-Passport Pakistan

The E-Passport Pakistan is slowly becoming the global standard in travel documents. The Government of Pakistan has recently launched the country’s electronic passport to facilitate easy and secure international travel for Pakistani citizens, especially those living abroad. This soon-to-be-available facility in Pakistan, allows us to understand the important features and benefits of having an e-passport over a traditional passport.

Pakistan e-Passport News

The e-passport Pakistan service, which was earlier limited to diplomatic and government officials, will now be offered to residents of Islamabad Capital Territory ICT. This service will gradually be made available in other cities across the country.

With the online passport renewal system, citizens can easily renew their passports using a dedicated website, eliminating the need for multiple visits to passport offices. Applicants can easily submit their applications online. You can upload the required documents and check your online application.

Latest News Government has launched An E-Passport in Pakistan
Government has launched an E-Passport Pakistan - All Information

What is E-Passport?

An e-passport has an electronic chip embedded in one of the pages of the passport. which is used to store biometric information about the holder. Chips contain data that verifies the identity of the passport holder and will include the holder’s biometric personal data found on the data page of the passport, a unique identification number, and a digital signature. The newly launched e-passports in Pakistan will be following the ICAO of the United Nations.

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Pakistan e-Passport Fee

For a 5-year e-passport with 36 pages:

  • Regular fee: PKR 9,000
  • Urgent fee: PKR 15,000

10-year e-passport with 36 pages:

  • Regular fee: PKR 13,500
  • Urgent fee: PKR 22,500

For a 5-year e-passport with 72 pages:

  • Regular fee: PKR 16,500
  • Urgent fee: PKR 27,500

10-year e-passport with 72 pages:

  • Regular fee: PKR 24,750
  • Urgent fee: PKR 40,500

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Benefits of Pakistan e-Passport

The e-passport is already being used in more than 150 countries worldwide. Due to the growing need for effective and better border security, many countries have turned to e-passports. Pakistan also issues online visas to citizens of 191 countries. Pakistan e-passport holders can avail of the e-gate facility at all airports worldwide.

It will also help remove all the bottlenecks in the ongoing manual system and help Pakistani applicants process online applications easily. Since the e-passport carries out various security checks, providing benefits to overseas Pakistanis will ultimately benefit the country. Apart from this, you will not have to stand in line for hours to get your passport, you will be able to get your passport online from the comfort of your home.

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