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Ehsaas Survey Verification Through Nadra

Ehsaas Survey

An Ehsaas survey has been started across Pakistan, and information about everyone is being updated. The survey in the Ehsaas program started in 2011. When Benazir Income Support Program teams visited people’s homes to collect their information and register them. The NSER survey is a comprehensive data set that includes complete information about all people.

Through this data, the government qualifies or disqualifies people for any program. The Ehsaas survey started in 2024 in which people’s information will be updated and new people will be added. If you also want to be a part of this survey, visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office to get your survey done. Apart from this, those who have been disqualified and women whose husbands have died can also update their survey through NADRA.

حکومت نے اعلان کیا ہے کہ لوگ اپنا سروے نادرا کے ذریعے کرائیں اور اپنے غربت کے اسکور کو کم کریں تاکہ انہیں مالی امداد دی جائے۔ جن خواتین کے شوہر فوت ہوچکے ہیں وہ پہلے اپنی قریبی یونین کونسل میں جائیں اور اپنے شوہر کا ڈیتھ سرٹیفکیٹ حاصل کریں۔ اس کے بعد اسے نادرا میں جمع کروائیں اور نادرا کی تصدیق کے بعد ان کی رقم جاری کر دی جائے گی۔

جن خواتین کے فنگر پرنٹس مٹ گئے ہیں وہ اپنے فنگر پرنٹس کو اپ ڈیٹ کرنے کے لیے قریبی نادرا آفس میں جائیں۔ فنگر پرنٹس اپ ڈیٹ ہوتے ہی ان کی رقم بھی جاری کر دی جائے گی۔ بے نظیر تعلیم وظیف کا بھی احساس سروے میں اہم کردار ہے۔ اگر آپ اپنے بچوں کو بینظیر تعلیم کے لیے رجسٹر کروانا چاہتے ہیں تو نادرا کے ذریعے تصدیق شدہ بے فارم مکمل کریں۔ پھر اسے قریبی بینظیر آفس لے جائیں جہاں آپ کے بچوں کا سروے کیا جائے گا اور تعلیمی اسکالرشپ پروگرام میں رجسٹر کیا جائے گا۔

آپ نادرا کے ذریعے غربت کے اسکور کو بھی کم کر سکتے ہیں۔ وہاں آپ کو اپنی معلومات کو تبدیل کرنا ہوگا کہ پہلے آپ امیر تھے، آپ غریب ہوگئے ہیں۔ اگر آپ کی مالی حالت اچھی نہیں ہے اور آپ کے پاس کمانے والا کوئی نہیں ہے، تو آپ کا PMT سکور اور غربت کا سکور کم ہو جائے گا اور آپ کو اہل قرار دیا جائے گا۔

Ehsaas Survey Verification Through Nadra

The government has announced that people should conduct their survey through NADRA and reduce their poverty score so that they will be given our assistance. Women whose husbands have passed away should first go to their nearest union council and get their husband’s death certificates. After that submit it to NADRA and after NADRA verification their amount will be released.

Women whose fingerprints have been erased should visit the nearest NADRA office to update their fingerprints. As soon as the fingerprints are updated, their amount will be released. Benazir Taleemi Wazaif also plays an important role in the Ehsaas survey. If you want to register your children for Benazir Taleemi, complete a verified bay form through NADRA. Then, take it to the nearest Benazir office, where your children will be surveyed and registered in the education scholarship program.

You can also reduce your poverty score through Nadra. There, you have to change your information and realize that you have become poor before you were rich. If your financial situation is not good and you have no one to earn, your PMT and poverty scores will be reduced and you will be declared eligible.

How To Check Ehsaas Program Status

After the survey in the Ehsaas program, you have to check your application status. Now, we will tell you how to do this. The government has introduced two methods for checking your eligibility at home. The first method is to send your ID card without dashes to 8171 through your mobile and SIM. You will receive a status message shortly.

Second, you can also check your eligibility through the BISP online portal. Here, you will be given a BISP Online Portal button click on it. A form will appear before you enter your ID card and the code shown in the image. You will find complete details about your Ehsaas program application status and eligibility. You can also visit your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office to know about your eligibility.

Ehsaas Program Contact Number

You can also get complete information about the Ehsaas survey and your status by talking to a Benazir Income Support Program representative on the phone. Here, we will give you the Ehsaas program contact number, on which you can also ask for the address of the nearest office and get more information.

Contact Number:0800-26477
Official Webite
Headquarter Address:Official Website Site:

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