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Negahban Program Registration Online For Free Rashan Again

Negahban Program

This is very good news for the poor people living in Pakistan. Recently, elections were held in Pakistan, and Ms. Maryam Nawaz became the Chief Minister of Punjab. While taking the oath, he reflected on the poverty of the poor people who live in Pakistan and said that now, many programs will be started to eradicate poverty in Pakistan. In a recent meeting, CM Maryam Nawaz announced that the Negahban program will be launched in Pakistan.

Under the Negahban program, poor and deserving families will be given free ration during Ramadan. Apart from this, cheap Ramadan bazaars will be established where people will be given discounts on rations. This article is designed to explain the Negahban program in complete detail. Read this article completely and carefully.

In the Negahban program, government representatives will visit your home and assess your situation. If you are found to be poor, they will give you a ration. If you are poor then be ready you will get a free ration. We will tell you what documents you must prepare so that your registration is quick and you get your Rashan.

Negahban Program Registration Online For Free Rashan Again

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Negahban Program Registration

First, whenever the government launches a program in Pakistan, it uses BISP’s NSER data to qualify or disqualify people for that program. But in a recent meeting, Maryam Nawaz said that BISP’s data is too small and that they are unable to identify the poor.

For this reason, they will now announce a survey in which government representatives will go to the people’s homes to assess their conditions and decide who is poor. Then, the same representatives will go to the homes of the people who are found to be poor. They will be given a ration. So, the registration process for the Negahban program has been completed. If you are poor, please be patient.

Punjab Negahban Rashan Program

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has started the Negahban Rashan program across Punjab, and ration is being provided to the poor in many districts. In the morning, the poor in Balochistan have started getting free flour. And ration and flour will be started regularly from March 10 or 11 across Punjab. So ensure your eligibility and complete your Punjab Nighaban Rashan Program registration. In this article, you are told the complete registration and eligibility procedure for joining the ration program.

Negahban Program Registration Online For Free Rashan Again

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Eligibility Criteria Negahban Rashan Program

This ration will not be given to all people because it is not possible to give rations to all people. Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz has said that 70 to 80 lakh families will be given free rations, which will include dal, rice, ghee, etc., but not all people can get it.

For this reason, an eligibility criterion has also been made, and only those who meet this important criterion will be rationed by this Nighaban program. So, the eligibility criteria is that you should have a poverty score of less than 20. The second thing is that your monthly income should be less than 50 thousand which Ms. Maryam Nawaz said during her speech.

Required Documents For Maryam Nawaz Program

Now, because the registration will be at your home, the representatives will come to your home to register and give you a ration, so you should prepare some documents so that there is no problem in the registration and your registration will be done immediately. And to start getting ration immediately, keep the below documents ready.

  • Your ID Card.
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Image
  • Domicile
  • Income Proof

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Negahban Program 8070 Atta Scheme

The Negahban program, which is designed for the Free Atta scheme, through which three bags of Atta will be given to the poor in the month of Ramadan for free, has also started its registration. A code has also been introduced for registration, you can do your registration at home through this code, this code is 8070. If you want to register in the program and get three bags of flour for free, type your ID card and send it via SMS to 8070.

Your registration will be completed, and you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number. If you are told that your record does not exist, do not worry; go to your nearest utility store or Benazir Income Support Program office to get your registration done again. After that, you will start receiving Atta. Remember, even if you become ineligible under the Bezair Income Support Program, you will still be given Atta for free.

The only condition for getting Atta is that your monthly income is less than 60 thousand rupees. If your monthly income is less than 60 thousand rupees, then congratulations—you are eligible to get Atta. Apart from this, a Rashan program has also been launched in which 19 basic items will be subsidized. You can also know the complete details of the ration program, which has been posted on our website.

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