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New Method Of BISP 8171 June Withdraw From HBL ATM

BISP New Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM In 2 Minutes

The new tranche of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) will start on November 25, and it is also being informed that the amount of the sponsorship program will be increased. This means 9 thousand rupees were given earlier, and now it is expected that 25 thousand rupees will be given. Apart from this, the method of receiving money has also been changed.

Earlier, women had to stand in line for hours at the cash center to get this money, but now the government has tied up with HBL Bank to make it easier for women. HBL Bank ATMs will now pay the money. You can get this money anytime, so here we will tell you how you can get money through HBLATM in two minutes.

New Method of BISP Payment Withdraw from HBL ATM

The Benazir Income Support Programme has introduced BISP New payment method. Under the Benazir Income Support Program, all deserving people have started getting Rs 9000 again. Now, the method of taking money has been changed from 8171.

 The money received under the Benazir BSP program can be easily obtained. BISP amount 9000 can be received through HBL ATM. The Pakistani government started this very simple method.

Need for an HBL ATM New Payment Method

Earlier, the Benazir Income Support Program amount of Rs 9000 was received from the cash center, PCO, etc. But now, receiving this amount through the HBL ATM has been made very easy. The hassle of standing in long lines is over. You can easily withdraw the Benazir Income Support Program amount of Rs.9000 by using the ATM of the HBL branch.

New Method Of BISP 8171 Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM

BISP Registration Through NSER

As per the new Benazir Income Support Program update, registration will now be done through the NSER survey. The NSER survey includes data on all people, including information such as monthly income, household expenses, and the number of people in the household. This survey was conducted many years ago. At that time, some households were stable, but their financial conditions are not sound.

That’s why they were disqualified, but now they don’t need to worry. The NSER survey has been started again; you can get this survey at the Benazir Income Support Program office. After the survey, you will be included in the program and financial assistance of Rs. 9 thousand will be given every three months.

BISP 8171 Ehsaas Program Registration

If you or your household has not yet registered in the Benazir Income Support Program and is eligible to receive money from the 8171 Ehsaas program, click on the below button now to complete your registration so that you can receive the amount received under the Benazir Income Support Program in the coming months.

New Method Of BISP 8171 Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM
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Process For BISP Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM

The procedure to withdraw the Benazir Income Support Program amount of Rs.9000 from HBLATM is easy. If you have received the withdrawal message from 8171, then you can withdraw your money from the ATM of your nearest HBL branch.

  To withdraw ATM BISP program money, you have to follow the following simple procedure:

1: Click the option to Scan the thumb, as shown in the picture.

New Method Of BISP 8171 Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM

2: Choose the Urdu language.

New Method Of BISP 8171 Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM

3: The main menu screen is showing there; click on BISP as shown.

New Method Of BISP 8171 Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM

4: You will then be on the screen. Please enter your 13-digit CNIC number or your national identity card number accurately.

5: After you are shown on the Next screen, please put your hand thumb on the biometric device of the ATM.

New Method Of BISP 8171 Payment Withdraw From HBL ATM

6: Then you are on the next screen, which has four buttons. Click on the balance inquiry button on the given screen.

7: Then the current balances in your account showed you that you can withdraw. as shown:

8: Then you have to click on the button to withdraw the money.

9: Then a screen with four buttons will appear on it and appear for you. To click on the money, you must first click on the amount.

10: Then you have to write the amount in your account that you want to withdraw.

  • Then you have to click the correct button.
  • Then you will be given a cash amount through an ATM.
  • In case of any issues, you can contact HBL Bank Helpline directly.

You can also register for BISP Registration.

BISP Amount Delivery Method 2024

Benazir Income Support Programme formulation: Even during the payment process, new and better systems for delivering funds to IP beneficiaries’ accounts are constantly being created.

A way that has been shared with you will allow you to receive your money. The BISP team has also implemented a new biometric petrol for delivery, ensuring that the amount is transferred to the appropriate person’s account. The process of BISP Cash disbursement is assisted by the money reaching the proper hands.

  • This poll was performed to identify all of the competent lawyers on the BISP team.
  • Their names and biometric information will be noted.
  • BISP transmits data to associations and bank accounts.
  • So banks and payment agents established payment points.
  • Finally, the beneficiary cannot receive the amount at any bank.
  • Rather, you can collect your payment via HBL Connect provided by HBL.

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