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Breaking News! NSER Survey Open For BISP And Ehsaas Program Registration

NSER Survey Open For BISP

NSER Survey Open For BISP And Ehsaas: In March, most people did not register for the BISP and Ehsaas program. This is because it was Ramadan, so poor people could not go to the centres and get their registration done. Registration in the BISP and Ehsaas program started in April. This process is called a dynamic survey. 

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The first dynamic survey will be the registration of those families who are capable and eligible. Through this survey, you can register by coming to your home. After that, all your data is verified in the NADRA office. So, in this regard, you will be told in detail in the article below. You must read this article till the end. You will be given registration information.

Opt for Online Procedure for Registration

By the way, let us tell you that the government of Pakistan has introduced several registration procedures for the Ehsaas program. Like dynamic surveys, registration by going to the center, and online procedures. So you are being told the complete best of online registration here. How you can register online. Initially, there was no online registration for this program. 

Breaking News! NSER Survey Open For BISP And Ehsaas Program Registration

However, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif of the 2024 government introduced the online method. So that the families do not face problems with financial aid and any kind of registration information. You will be given the form below for online registration. You will be able to complete your registration by uploading it.

How to Check Online Registration

The government has introduced online registration procedures in almost all the provinces of Pakistan. The series of towers that were installed at different stages has also started. Which provides you with internet access and allows you to register online. So let us tell you that till now there are some places where NADRA offices for the poor have not been established. So, the government is now setting up NADRA offices. So that you can register your complaints and other information there.

If you want to get information about online registration. So here you have been given the 8123 code. Through this, you can send an SMS and ask what is the online registration procedure. Apart from this, you can go to the official website of the government and the link to our site is given. Click here to learn information about online registration. For more details read this article till the end.

Registration Through Form

Many people wish that we want to do our registration through an online form, so let us tell you that earlier forms were not started. Now the web portal and forms have also started. So you will be given the form inside this post. You have to fill it. After filling you will be registered in this program. 

Your documents are necessary for registration. You will be told about the documents in this article below. On which documents you can ensure your registration by filling out these forms. And the aid can get your 12500. Read the above article for more details, you will also be given information about more money.

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Job Announcement In Ehsaas program

Earlier and now, you were assisted with the Ehsaas program. But now, a new announcement has started that your children will also be given jobs one by one through the Ehsaas program. Therefore, the purpose of telling people is to improve the education of your children. So that your children can get jobs from this program.

This amount is given to you so you can fully take care of your children’s education and expenses. If you are still not fully aware of the registration. Regarding this program, you have to read the article below in detail. You will be told the complete method. How can you register and if there is a mistake in registration, where can you register your complaint?

Where To Get Ehsaas Program Aid?

If you people have been convinced to accept the help of this program, you are being told the complete method of estimation inside the post. First of all, you have to enter the information regarding the money sitting at your house through the code 8123. After entering the information, you have to visit the BISP center established at the academic level. 

You will be assisted there. So you must create your bank account. So that your aid does not come to the BISP office, it comes to your bank account through the Ehsaas program. So you can also get your aid from your bank account. When you go to withdraw money, you must carry your CNIC with you.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria Now?

  • Whose monthly income is more than 40000
  • Whose PMT score is 45%
  • Those who do not have a job
  • Those who have never traveled abroad
  • Whose house does not have a two-time Rashan
  • Whose registration in the sponsorship program is complete
  • Those who were previously ineligible for this program
  • Whose home has a serious water resource problem
  • Whose names are three acres of land
  • Whose name is a car


Ehsaas program is a big welfare program in Pakistan. Which has blessed 9 million families from 2019 to 2024 through aid. Therefore, you can register and qualify in this program, eunuchs, poor, deserving, lame needy. The complete result of this article is that you are informed about the registration and eligibility criteria and all the bio-data in this program.

Along with this, many educational and district offices are also established in the name of this program. Where you can go to register your complaints and registration. Apart from this, codes 8171 and others are introduced in the name of this program.

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