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BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt

BISP Waseela e Taleem is a program designed to provide financial assistance to children of poor and deserving people so they can continue their education. Its aim is that even the children of the poor can continue their education. They are given a quarterly stipend to cover their financial expenses.

About 74 lakh children are being given educational stipends under this program. According to the new update of the BISP Waseela e Taleem, a special bonus of Rs.3000 will also be given to girls upon completion of primary education.

BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt

Register your children in the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Program online through the BISP Waseela e Taleem App. Enrollment in Benazir Taleemi Wazaif is absolutely easy. Women who have benefited from Ehsaas Kafalat can now register their children from primary to twelfth class in Ehsaas taleemi wazaif at home.

بے نظیر تعلیمی وظائف پروگرام میں اپنے بچوں کی ان لائن رجسٹریشن بی ائی ایس پی وسیلہ تعلیم ایپ کے ذریعے کروائیں بے نظیر تعلیمی وظائف میں اندراج بالکل آسان احساس کفالت سے مستفید ہونے والے خواتین اب گھر بیٹھے پرائمری تا بارویں کلاس تک کے بچوں اور بچیوں کی احساس تعلیمی وظائف میں رجسٹریشن باسانی گھر بیٹھے کروائیں

Important News Kafalat And Wazaif Program Payment Together

It has been announced by the government of Pakistan that the families who have been part of the Benazir Kafalat program for many years and have also enrolled their children in the Benazir Wazaif have announced great news for these families. Gone Now, do you have any Kafalat program with your children’s Wazaif money please verify your documents soon.

As the eligible families have started receiving child benefits and Kafalat program payments, you should also complete your verification soon So that you too can be included in the list of aid recipients; in this article, the complete payment procedure has been described in simple words.

BISP Taleem Wazaif Double Qist Announced By Govt 2024

Congratulations This is to provide you with updated information about Benazir Income Support Program. As many people received instalments in but their accounts are still zero, instalments will be released. Going forward, and in addition, we will also tell you in this post that many people are waiting for their children to get Taleemi Wazaif,

so the government has made an amazing announcement in this regard, which I’ll tell you in the post and in today’s post the most important details about the ATM as well as when and who will start getting the double instalment. We will let you know this information as some people have started getting instalments from ATM as well. Can you also get this episode from ATM?

Benazir Income Support Program is going to bring you some exciting news: The December instalment has now started. Although several people have continuously commented that we have not received the payment yet, they have already. What is the reason for this? It was September when we got the episode.

BISP Waseela e Taleem New Update

The amount of the new installment of Benazir Taleemi wazaif will start to be received at the end of September. If you are poor and your children are studying in schools, you can get their Taleemi wazaif and cover the expenses of your children. If your child is not yet registered in the education scholarship program, you do not need to worry.

You can get your children registered through the BISP Waseela e Taleem app at home. Apart from this, you can also get your children registered at the Benazir Income Support Program office. For registration, the mother of the children has to go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office with her identity card and child’s bay form. These children will be included in the Benazir Education Scholarship Program and will be given a scholarship every three months.

BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt

BISP Taleemi Wazaif Program Online Registration New Method

Suppose you are a family benefiting from the BISP program. So remember that you can register your children in Ehsaas education scholarships. So, there is good news for you because Ehsaas has made enrollment of children in education scholarships absolutely easy. The new registration procedure goes to your mobile’s Google Play Store now. And download the Waseela Taleem App there.

It should be noted that women who are beneficiaries of Ehsaas Kafalat can get themselves registered with the help of their National Identity Card. If you are eligible for this program, then enroll all your boys and girls in primary to twelfth classes with the help of the Bay Form issued by NADRA.

بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کے تمام پروگرام

BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt

8171 Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Registration Process

Remember that after completing the registration process, your children will become a part of Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif after the online confirmation of the child’s Bay Farm School and Class. You will be notified of this through SMS 8171. So that you can get your children’s education scholarship money with BISP money. And to be able to bear the expenses of their children’s education. And can make their future. 

You can also Register in Benazir Program.

BISP Waseela e Taleem App 

The registration procedure in the Benazir Taleem Program is very easy. You can register your children online. Remember that you can register your children from your mobile to join the BISP Education Scholarship Program. First, go to the Google Store on your mobile. And download the Wasila Education app from there. The complete registration procedure through the Waseela Taleem app is given below. You can easily do your registration through the app.

Features of BISP Waseela e Taleem App New Update

All students can do their registration at home through BISP app. BISP Resource Education App has many features.
Which is as follows:
Almost all students can ensure their registration by providing their basic details. Enter Name, Gender, Age and Complete Address in the form of this app. And do your registration.

Search for a school:
BISP Waseela Taleem App helps students to find the schools that are affiliated to BISP program through this app.

If your registration process is complete, BISP app checks your data and verifies the student details.

Financial Assistance:
Students are financially supported through the BISP app. Those who are studying in a BISP affiliated school get this financial assistance deposited in their account in the form of monthly stipend.

How to Register for Benazir Taleemi Wazaif through the Waseela e Taleem App?

  • First, go to the Google Play Store
  • And from there, search for the Waseela Taleem app
  • And download it
  • When you search for an education resource app, you will get an interface like this
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
  • You have to download this app
  •   Remember not to download any wrong app

The interface below will show you first:

BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
  • After the Download and open the waseela taleem app
  • First of all Login into your account
  • Type your mother’s CNIC
  • Type strong password
  • Login 
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
  • If you have never used the app before, do your new registration
  • Create your new account
  • First, enter the mother’s CNIC number
  • Enter Mother’s Name
  • And after that enter your mobile number on which you will receive a confirmation SMS
  • Then enter your strong password
  • Re-enter the password
  • Click on the registration button
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt
BISP Waseela e Taleem Double Qist Announced By Govt

Eligibility Criteria

  • Mothers are required to be signed up to receive children’s education scholarships under this program.
  • Children of women who are receiving support from the Benazir Income Support Program will be given scholarships.
  • A child’s age for admission to primary is four to 12 years.
  • The age should be eight to 18 years for admission to secondary school.
  • 80% attendance should be mandatory to get the scholarship.

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